CleanData at ILDA – Look for the Bright Orange shirts

The CleanData team is headed to ILDA’s 2017 Fall Meeting in Memphis, Tennessee. We will be the guys in the super bright orange shirts. Looking forward to spending time with some of the best minds in the industry!


About CleanData, LLC

CleanData takes a modern approach to traditional product management and industry workflows by offering a cloud-based marketplace infrastructure for the lab science industry. We streamline and automate tedious, time-consuming tasks so that Manufacturers and Distributors alike can focus on what truly matters – fast product fulfillment and complete customer satisfaction. We believe in accelerating the pace of scientific discovery and we’re working to build the industry standard product management platform for the lab science ecosystem. From efficient product management to e-commerce enablement, CleanData puts your data to work for you.

CleanData | 1190 W Druid Hills Dr. Suite 135 | Atlanta, GA |

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