Drowning in data management? CleanData is your life preserver.

We can help you leverage data to increase sales, save time, increase margins, shorten fulfillment times, increase operational efficiencies, and much more.

CleanData enables Lab Science Manufacturers and Distributors to  securely share standardized product data, define custom portfolio & pricing models, and streamline workflows within your network.

CleanData puts your data to work for you.

Tired of spreadsheets?
Data all over the place?
Want to sell more products?
All of this sound familiar?

we help distributors

We get it. Important details from each Manufacturer are time-consuming to process and errors are common. Every spreadsheet is in a different format. Images are a nightmare. Pricing updates take forever.

No more.

CleanData’s Product Management Platform was designed specifically for the Lab Science community. We standardize your data – transforming it into a powerful asset that’s easy to control.

The CleanData platform organizes and standardizes the data from all of your Manufacturers in one place. Securely receive product and pricing updates from all of your suppliers. Simplify product variant, image, and pricing management with our Product Portfolio framework while saying goodbye to spreadsheets forever.

The CleanData platform empowers your sales representatives with the most up-to-date product data and descriptions. Our eCommerce integrations enable you to reach new customers with ease. Source innovative new products and acquire new Manufacturers in our Lab Science Marketplace.

The CleanData platform brings the health metrics of your business right to the surface. Understand opportunities and redundancies within your network. Streamline workflows with Manufacturers and gain operational efficiencies. Leverage your data to grow your business.

why distributors choose us

White Glove Service

Our Customer Success Team will be with you every step of the onboarding process to make sure your data is organized, standardized, and ready to work for you.

Increase Your Sales

We enable you to sell more products faster through multiple eCommerce integrations, speed to market with new products, and wholesale promotions.

Unlock Hidden Value

Your data is powerful, but only when it is organized and ready for action. Reclaim the time you spend on tedious tasks to focus on fulfillment efficiency and total customer satisfaction.